Az oldal átköltözött ide: Itt böngészhetsz az archívumban: 1998-2014.


CINETRIP is an audio-visual party genre which revives the atmoshpere of the heroic days of cinema through the aid of modern technology. CINETRIP events always take place in unique locations, with a colourful and magical visual world.

The series started in Rudas Bath by providing soundtracks to silent movies, and during the years have widened its spectrum of parties, evolving into Cinetrip The Party Brand.

The Rudas parties were once a month and were involving artistic shows of DJs, live acts, fire jugglers, air acrobats, water ballet, oriental style belly dancers. These parties were relaunched in 2007 as Cinetrip Sparty, and for years, over the summer period the hot steam was moved to the open air. Our Plein Air series disrupted the usual holiday-schedule along natural ponds and lakes (for instance, at Coke Club in Siófok)

This Rudas Cinetrip tradition is carried on now by the CINETRIP SPARTIES, which are held twice a year (one mid-summer and one mid-winter), while in 2011 Late Nite Tune Spas were introduced. So since then, the summer season takes place in Széchenyi Bath under the moniker SZECSKA, while the autumn-spring period runs as MAGIC BATH in Lukacs Bath, virtually every Saturday

To animate the local audio-visual culture, Cinetrip has been organising Cinetrip VJ Tournament, where visual artists have the opportunity to compete in an international league, entertain the local audience and get to know the latest innovations and software at our workshops. The VJ-Torna has now become a world-touring competition, with tournaments on 3 continents!

In cooperation with MTV Hungary, Waterproof DJ contest was also launched in 2008, to inspire aspiring Sparty-DJ's.

Skylab - VJ's from Space, the VJ-duo of Spacedevil and nano are responsible for the visuals at our events. You may find a link to their work here as well. The shows of CinetripTV that ran on Filmmuseum Channel years ago have also been concealed here.

Apart from its close links with water and open-air, Cinetrip regularly pays tribute to space and the arrival of aliens. The interplanetary weekend called Intersputnik provides a special opportunity to get to know space-travel on Earth with us.

PRESS COMMENTARIES on past seasons:

"Rave culture may have gone global, but only Budapest's Rudas Bath can offer such a combination of history and hedonism….The rave is not a Hungarian invention, but the Rudas rave issomething unique and typically Hungarian, reinventing something global in a local context…. In front of us are belly-dancers, gyrating to the oriental music resounding around the chamber. We stand entrances as the dancers tease us with their sensuality, veils swaying, the muscles of their flat stomachs undulating slowly." (The Times)

"Disorientation complete, nightclub etiquette went straight out of window." (I-D Magazine, UK)

"There's a feeling that everyone is venturing into unchartered waters, happily digesting all the new music they're fed" (The Face, UK)

 "Cinetrip is now reclaiming the decadent hedonism of Budapest's history… the Cinetrip crew have created new dreamscapes for this Central European pleasure realm." (Groovine,Australia)

 "Never in the history of clubbing anything quite like this occurred. This is Cinetrip, Budapest's most adventurous club." (Live, On-line magazine)

 "The aim of the organizers, DJs and VJs is obviously magic: by visuals, sound, architecture and by bulding bridges between past and future" (Max)

 " Cinetrips are sexy. And add music from great underground DJs to accompany all the funky lighting, and videos, all very relaxing for the joints….You won't find this anywhere else; aslowed down rave in ancient Turkish baths, and in a national capital?!" (Livebudapest, H)

 "DJs, sound systems, giant screens and spot lights add to the dramatic effects of these ever increasing popular pop events" (Budapest Sun)