Cinetrip in South America

Cinetrip poured out of its Budapest-based spas and set sail to South America this August! We have exported our widely acclaimed VJ Torna international VJ contest to Sao Paulo, while also paying a visit to the Videoataq video art festival in Rio de Janeiro.

VJ Torna Brasil 2010

The idea to start a series similar to the Budapest event in the South American continent was the brainchild of VJ Spetto and VJ Zaz, the Brazilian duo who had won the last Budapest VJ Tournament.

The competition was organized amidst the zealous local VJ community in Sao Paulo. Preparations for the VJ Torna Brasil had begun six month ago, leading up to the premiere in Sao Paulo at the end of August. The international jury included Boris Edelstein and Ilan Katin, organizers of the Swiss Mapping Festival and makers of Modul8, the number one VJ software, Brazilian veteran VJ Palumbo, TV producer Jodele Larcher, VJ Spetto and Pedro Zaz, as well as the mastermind behind Cinetrip, László L. Laki.

The VJ Torna took palce in Brazil’s capital, in Sao Paulo’s popular partying neighborhood. Following the Green Project online competition with over 100 participants, 24 VJs had a chance to show what they could do live, before a panel of pros. Two VJs arrived from Columbia, the rest came from 10 different states of Brazil.

Following tradition, the first few days of the event involved workshops. During the last two days, the video jockeys taking part in the tournament were mixing visuals to various kinds of electronic music, while the crowd was going crazy in the hall.

The first VJ Torna Brasil got intense media attention and keen public reception; the atmosphere was fantastic. The Brazilian organizers are already making arrangements for next year’s VJ Tournament South America, while the preparation of further Brazilian-Hungarian VJ and visual projects is on the way.

The first and second prize winners have been invited to the next international VJ Tournament, organized by Cinetrip at Merlin Budapest, between 18 – 22 October.

Winners of the VJ Torna Brasil:

1. VJ BALDE (Sao Paulo),

2. VJ ERMS (Brasilia)

3. 1MPAR (Belo Horizonte)

As it turned out from our impromptu survey among local Brazilians, as far as they are concerned, Hungary has beautiful girls and Cinetrip parties.



TV riport:




Videoataq Festival

Before the VJ Tournament Brazil, Laki was also invited to the Videoataq 3-day video art festival (13-15 Aug. 2010), which took place at the astonishing Parque das Ruinas above Rio de Janeiro.

Besides modul8 and mapping workshops, there were lectures during the day, in the course of which Cinetrip had a chance to give a presentation. During the evening parties, the participants mapped a beautiful ruinous mansion. Also, video installations of Brazilian artists were on display.






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