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04. 12. 2014.
Have you heard of the Great Bath that was built in the Indus Valley around 2500 BC? Anthropologists excavated it in the 1900s, and said it might have been used as a temple, since bathing and cleanliness was probably linked to religious beliefs.... MORE »
01. 12. 2014.
Prepare for the long end-of-year party days! The Tuesday before your usual, long-awaited new years party, our bi-annual Cinetrip Celebration is returning with its brand new, Sparklerz edition. There will be hot thermal water and all forms of... MORE »
27. 11. 2014.
The end of the year is approaching, and you know what that means? Yes, the very special winter edition of Cinetrip, the brand new Cinetrip Sparklerz is coming along with it. Tick it in your calendar: 30th December, Széchenyi Bath, Budapest.... MORE »
23. 11. 2014.
Did you know that the healthy bubbling thermal water of Lukacs Bath springs from a 6km long, 30meters deep mixed water cave below the Buda-hills? Why not try its benefits any Saturday in the chilly months, in Budapest, Hungary? further info MORE »
12. 11. 2014.
Bubbles in the hot hot healthy water, bubbles in the night sky with awesome projections - this is your ultimate Budapest Magic Bath experience. Pick the most suitable online ticket package at MORE »
23. 10. 2014.
If you want to choose the spacious Szechenyi Bath as a backdrop to Spartying, pick the 25th October date on our online ticket sales page, because from November Sparty is moving over to Lukacs Bath to become Magic Bath. Further info: www.... MORE »
21. 10. 2014.
Sparty is about to transform again! The ultimate Szecska sparty will be held in Szechenyi this weekend, and from November the magic wand strikes again to teleport us to Lukacs Bath with Magic Bath.Online tickets and further info: www.... MORE »
19. 09. 2014.
Splashin' audio waves will be spun and stirred by DJs GrgFr and Candyman at this weekend's Szecska Sparty. From 10.30 PM in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest. Further info: MORE »
15. 09. 2014.
Autumn has arrived in town (maybe a little too early, a few weeks ago...) But at Szecska Sparties it is still summer, with loads of liquid entertainment to celebrate the ultimate closure of your holiday season in Budapest. Further info: www.... MORE »
02. 09. 2014.
Summer is over, officially, but find your eternal summer sparty in Budapest, with heated pools for your comfort in an awesome building with groovy music and visuals for your entertainment. For further info just enter: MORE »
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