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21. 08. 2014.
Remember, Sparties are always held, except in really-really extreme weather conditions. So if it just looks grey and feels cold, keep smiling, cause Sparties are waiting for you with hot hot thermal water that bring back summer and sunshine.... MORE »
07. 08. 2014.
Only a few days to go till the most awesome and groovy sparty of the summer. It's high time you collected you ticket. Check out the online options - with many goodies at: MORE »
06. 08. 2014.
Don't miss the amazing liquid installation with video mapping by Bordos Artworks and the futuristic LED visuals by the international VJ team: Viktor Vicsek, Ivo 3D and VJ Spetto (Br) this Saturday. If you don't believe us, believe your eyes - if... MORE »
04. 08. 2014.
Are you bored of the continental, land-based festivals? Come and plounge at the awesome Szechenyi Bath this Saturday, when it puts on its "sparty costume" to enchant travellers from all over the world. Be part of the hottest bath party of the... MORE »
03. 07. 2014.
The most extreme party over the summer and over the planet is approaching. In little more than a month, the real and virtual world of Cinetrip Future Disco will flow till the small hours of the morning in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest. Online tickets... MORE »
30. 06. 2014.
Have you seen a century old building turn into the future? Check out Cinetrip Future Disco in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest, where water waves meet audio waves and astounding visuals. Secure you place at: MORE »
15. 06. 2014.
Have you seen a monument turn into the future? Virtually and for real? Check out how Cinetrip Future Disco transforms anything you have experienced before into one big hyper-futuristic surreal sparty. The time is coming: 9th August! MORE »
06. 06. 2014.
Have you secured your ticket to the Future? Cinetrip Future Disco is approaching. Healthy thermal water for all kinds of weather, music and mindboggling visual you will only see in years to come. Booking info: MORE »
30. 05. 2014.
Prepare for you August trip to Hungary and the Future!Cinetrip Future Disco 2014 Summer Edition is 9th tickets at spartybooking MORE »
20. 05. 2014.
Prepare for the next edition of the mind-bending Cinetrip Future DiscoYou have hardly two months to arrange your trip to the greatest Sparty in Budapest.Tickets are available online at: MORE »
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