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12. 05. 2014.
Our next special, futuristic sparty is approaching.Tickets are already available at for our forthcoming mid-summer, pre-Sziget Cinetrip Sparty.Awesome performances, hot tunes and mind-blowing visuals are awaiting you at the... MORE »
29. 04. 2014.
Celebrate the forthcoming May Day long weekend with fellow holiday-makers from all over the world at the splendid 101 years old bath house, Szechenyi in Budapest, Hungary. Online tickets are available here: MORE »
24. 04. 2014.
Online ticket-holders beware! Please try and print the ticket you purchased online before you come to the sparty to make things faster and easier! Cheers from the Sparty Crew MORE »
21. 04. 2014.
Szecska was launched last weekend in splashin spirits! Many-many hundreds of sparty-freaks from all over the planet gathered to celebrate the coming of virtual summer in Szechenyi Bath. Browse through our gallery of the day HERE MORE »
19. 04. 2014.
Listen to the first hour of the 5th April Magic Bath Sparty performance of The N!nja in Lukacs. Vocal house and sparty grooves to set your soul splashin' at home! MORE »
16. 04. 2014.
Say farewell to the virtual spring in Lukács, and celebrate the forthcoming SUMMER in Széchenyi Bath from 19th April. Easter(n) and Western bunnies and buddies are waiting for you on Saturday at SPLASHKA  MORE »
10. 04. 2014.
The final Magic Bath has arrived! 12th April is the last chance to experience the vibes of Lukacs Bath at night, since from the following week sparties move over to the more roomy Szechenyi Bath. Tickets (normal and special ones) to all... MORE »
04. 04. 2014.
Our DJ's at the 5th April Magic Bath spinning house in all its angles, will be local and vocal Candyman and N!nja (from the city of all angles and angels: Los Angeles) Prepare your 4x4 splash moves! MORE »
01. 04. 2014.
Unfortunately, the new Hungarian subway does not stop at Lukacs Bath, the location for the first two Magic Baths in April, but if you are eager to try it, take it till Gellert ter (the most trippy station, actually) and change for bus 86... MORE »
28. 03. 2014.
Due to the fact that we need a bigger venue to cater for all of you wishing to sparty with us, we are happy to inform you that we are already moving over to the spatious Széchenyi Bath from 19th April (as opposed to the planned start in June).... MORE »
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