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17. 10. 2013.
Don't forget to lock your cabin or locker door properly when you put in your clothes or after you popped in to get something. If you have difficulties, a users' guide is displayed in the changing room area, or you can check it here online:Users... MORE »
16. 10. 2013.
This week it is Tom Select of Girls and Mathematics and Superman of RCKO.FM to provide your liquid beats in and around the Magic pools of Lukács. further info:  MORE »
14. 10. 2013.
You must have noticed there were several types you can buy to any of our Saturday night Magic Bath spartieshere they are:Normal/single online tickets cost 22 euros, but if you come in couples and want to have a  royal time, choose our Bonus... MORE »
11. 10. 2013.
This weekend it is our resident DJs Crimson and Marvin splashing the musical waves and rhythms at you in the hot pools of Magic Bath. Don't forget to book your ticket online at MORE »
04. 10. 2013.
Choose the vibe that suits you best or wander around - apart from the uptempo outdoors hot theme pool, we will also have an indoors thermal chill-out pool from now on!Join us any Saturday till 14th December.Further info MORE »
03. 10. 2013.
Our chilly-month Magic Bath season is starting this Saturday, and will groove on this year till mid-December! Remember, the venue is Lukács Bath from now on, in Elvis Park. Tickets are available online, and from the 3rd in Café Hütte and the cash... MORE »
01. 10. 2013.
The best way to end your year: Cinetrip Sparty 30th December at Széchenyi Bath. All-in-one fluid flight of fancy with DJs, amazing visuals, mindblowing laser creations and stunning performances. Time to book your flight to this unique spa-trip! MORE »
23. 09. 2013.
The last Szecska of the year has arrived... Prepare your fancy carnival bikinis, gala trunks and festive flip-flops, the cool northern nite tunes and breeze will blend with South American carnival rhythms and heat to make the closing event ever... MORE »
20. 09. 2013.
If you happen to slip and have a medical emergency, your ticket includes a special insurance to cover it  (up to 2,2 ‰ blood alcohol concentration, which is roughly equivalent to 6 beers, 1,5 bottles of champagne and a bit more than half a... MORE »
17. 09. 2013.
If you are coming to Budapest in September, you can join us on the 21st or the 28th in Széchenyi Bath.For these there are already online tickets available (normal tickets for 22 euros, bonus tickets for 2 persons with all kinds of extras and goodies... MORE »
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