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10. 09. 2013.
Three more Szecska sparties to go, and we're back to Magic Bath.On 14th September it is our resident DJs Superman and Crimson to make you forget that it's already autumn. Start: 10:30pm, every Saturday  MORE »
28. 08. 2013.
Our Szecska series is grooving on in Szechenyi Bath till the end of September, and then we are back to Magic Bath from October.Tickets to the Szecska series are available: MORE »
28. 08. 2013.
Check out the latest video produced at CINETRIP FUTURE DISCO on the 3rd August.Next Cinetrip is at the end of December, but you do not have to wait so long for a big plunge:Szecska sparties are every Saturday till the end of September, then we are... MORE »
20. 08. 2013.
Check out this video about Budapest (you may get practical ideas what other things to see around town). We are featured at 5:55!  MORE »
12. 08. 2013.
Check out the new photos of our FUTURE DISCO in the facebook gallery, by Levente Hernádi MORE »
05. 08. 2013.
Cheers everyone who joined us on our full-house galactic Cinetrip on the 3rd.Photos will be published sooon.And we are back to normal with our Szecska session every Saturdaywhile we can meet again at CINETRIP in December MORE »
02. 08. 2013.
The Big Space Bang is coming... Prepare to see the star gate to the cosmos, on your galactic cineTrip, with laser beams panning the liquid dance floors... One long sleep to go... MORE »
01. 08. 2013.
This is us in the past. Same place, 11 years ago. And guess what's happening in 2 days... Plunging with style at Cinetrip Future Disco, Széchenyi Bath. MORE »
31. 07. 2013.
It's been customary in Hungary to go to Széchenyi Bath during the heat wave. As this movie from 1932 testifies: MORE »
30. 07. 2013.
There are just a couple of days left till our next CINETRIP FUTURE DISCO event(Mind you, Szecska is back on the groove the following Saturday)If you haven't catered for your ticket, you still have the following options:- buy your ticket online at... MORE »
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