Four different workshops will be held from Monday till Wednesday in small groups, giving an insight into the theory and practice of VJ-ing, by international and Hungarian lecturers. The workshops take place in Merlin and admission is free, but this year we are limiting the number of participants: online applicants will be assessed individually.



4-day workshop, 2 hours a day. This workshop will cover the elements of architectural mapping. In the end, participants will join forces in making a show which will be presented in the final days of the VJ Tournament on a special location.

Mapping for advanced users Modul8 / Quartz composer
François  Wunschel from 1024 architecture and Boris Edelstein from Team Modul8 will do a workshop together presenting and working with alpha version of a mapping tool that can run hand in hand with Modul8 or Quartz composer.
The workshop will take place on the 20th with an option to do another on the 21st if there is further interest of attendees.

The number of participants is limited to 15.


Mapping Technique

In the course of the two-day workshop, participants will get an insight into the technical/technological particulars of mapping. The workshop will be held by the duly famous Viktor Vicsek (Neon Edge), who will introduce the participants to the knack of installing and controlling the equipment, using the mapping server and managing the settings on site.

The number of participants is limited to 15.

Modul 8 Expert

This is an advanced workshop held by Ilan Katin and Boris Edelstein, creators of the world’s most popular VJ software.

The number of participants is limited to 25.

1st workshop with Ilan Katin, in English is for medium level users (4 hours):
- Introduction the Modul8 basics
- Introdcution to modules
- Modul8 for basic video mapping
- Performing with Modul8 using MIDI controllers
2nd Workshop with Boris Edelstein in English, for advanced level users (4 hours):
- Introduction to the module creation system
- Building modules
- Using DMX

Skylab L.E.D. Seminar 

 How to bulid a spaceship from 10.000 light emission diodes?

Skylab's highly acclamied workshop about the artistic and technical sides of using L.E.D. as a creative tool. More info soon...


Please note that most of the workshops are limited, application to any of them not necessarily means an instant access! We'll inform you one week before the event if you are selected!


The application will be closed on 16th October 2010, midnight!

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