07. 08. 2014.
Countdown to the Future
Only a few days to go till the most awesome and groovy sparty of the summer. It's high time you collected you ticket. Check out the online options - with many goodies at:
06. 08. 2014.
Believe your eyes!
Don't miss the amazing liquid installation with video mapping by Bordos Artworks and the futuristic LED visuals by the international VJ team: Viktor Vicsek, Ivo 3D and VJ Spetto (Br) this Saturday. If you don't believe us, believe your eyes - if you can: Further info:...
03. 07. 2014.
Party in Bikinis and Trunks - at night!
The most extreme party over the summer and over the planet is approaching. In little more than a month, the real and virtual world of Cinetrip Future Disco will flow till the small hours of the morning in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest. Online tickets are available at:
30. 06. 2014.
The future is nigh
Have you seen a century old building turn into the future? Check out Cinetrip Future Disco in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest, where water waves meet audio waves and astounding visuals. Secure you place at:
15. 06. 2014.
More than a festival...
Have you seen a monument turn into the future? Virtually and for real? Check out how Cinetrip Future Disco transforms anything you have experienced before into one big hyper-futuristic surreal sparty. The time is coming: 9th August!