03. 07. 2014.
Party in Bikinis and Trunks - at night!
The most extreme party over the summer and over the planet is approaching. In little more than a month, the real and virtual world of Cinetrip Future Disco will flow till the small hours of the morning in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest. Online tickets are available at:
30. 06. 2014.
The future is nigh
Have you seen a century old building turn into the future? Check out Cinetrip Future Disco in Szechenyi Bath, Budapest, where water waves meet audio waves and astounding visuals. Secure you place at:
15. 06. 2014.
More than a festival...
Have you seen a monument turn into the future? Virtually and for real? Check out how Cinetrip Future Disco transforms anything you have experienced before into one big hyper-futuristic surreal sparty. The time is coming: 9th August!
06. 06. 2014.
A Healthy Spot from the Future
Have you secured your ticket to the Future? Cinetrip Future Disco is approaching. Healthy thermal water for all kinds of weather, music and mindboggling visual you will only see in years to come. Booking info:
30. 05. 2014.
Cinetrip Sparty time is coming
Prepare for you August trip to Hungary and the Future!Cinetrip Future Disco 2014 Summer Edition is 9th tickets at spartybooking